angry about the new skinny jean trend? (i mean really...my MOTHER wore these in the early 90's...wtf?) or think that paris hilton and her wonky right eye need to disappear? does no one else in your life care about these celebrities? come vent here! join other people angry at all the celeb butt kissers.

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17 January 2007


hey guys i noticed on my tracker some of you still come by...

i've been crazy busy and sort of jaded to the whole celeb gossip thing

i do have a new blog though!!

iLiner everything you've ever needed to know about beauty and then some

29 September 2006

soo pregnant

everything about this picture screams pregnant...the bump..the hand on/below it.

22 September 2006

killer lineup on MTV

its brand spankin new music week on MTV...check out the lineup

*Monday 9/25*

Nelly Furtado Performs

Appearances by Diddy & Tenacious D

*Tuesday 9/26*

The Killers Perform

Appearances by Ludacris & AFI

*Wednesday 9/27*

JoJo Performs

Appearances by Linkin Park, Vanessa Hudgens, & Jesse McCartney

*Thursday 9/28*

The Game Performs

Appearances by Chingy

*Friday 9/29*

Fergie Performs

thats crazy!! check out the site at music.mtv.com

17 September 2006


i would file this under...awesome

charlotte church doesnt look her usual hot self, but boy that girl has pipes. who would have though charlotte and nelly furtado would compliment each other vocally?

16 September 2006


new bands usually need to grow on me...but shiny new things is pretty cool

check them out here

12 September 2006


victoria beckham ---funny and gorgeous. she needs to go back to this look. she was beautiful! (well i think she still is) and she needs to smile more...its very becoming

justin has himself an awesome pr team...he's EVERYWHERE these days

preview his album on the leak

06 September 2006

dont forget!

dont forget to pick up the summer obsession'sfirst cd (this is where you belong)on virgin records.

this band is my all time favorite band. you seriously want to listen to this. i don't normally plug people/products/etc but like i said, these guys are AMAZING.


i know its supposed to be a whole new cast...but dont they all look the same?
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