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04 June 2006

its sunday

so it's a sunday and im tired so i'm just gonna run some links

  • jordan has almost completed her metamorphosis into barbie {female first}

  • its angies 31st birthday! justjared has a baby picture of her! {just jared}

  • oops! what happened to rihanna's hair at the mtv awards? {celebrity terrorist}

  • it's about time beyonce showed everyone how trashy she really is {celebrity terrorist}

  • i'll admit it. i'm SO jealous that perez hilton is in the green room of the mtv awards right now. SO JEALOUS. someday maybe i'll be there. i wish lol. {perez hilton}

  • remember zac hanson of mmmbop fame? well if you were a teeny bopper in jr high like i was, you just loved him! he's getting married! {e!online}

  • ewww gross {dlisted}

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