angry about the new skinny jean trend? (i mean really...my MOTHER wore these in the early 90's...wtf?) or think that paris hilton and her wonky right eye need to disappear? does no one else in your life care about these celebrities? come vent here! join other people angry at all the celeb butt kissers.

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03 June 2006


as much as i hate kirsten c from laguna beach, i was browsing celebitchy and found the link to nick lachey's new gf's real myspace.

well there was brody jenners myspace and *surprise surprise* kristen is number one in his top 8.

its set to private but you never know who wants it anyways. if you squint you can see brody and "k" in the profile pic


and for those with much better taste...here is brody jenners myspace


creative i know lol

one word--YUCK

this has...irked... me for some time... how could someone so fugly be voted most beautiful in the industry and top fhm (maxim? whatever...some men's mag) most beautiful in the world?

introducing scarlett johansson as...

the worlds most overrated person

seriously...do her publicists pay these guys or what?

let me plead my case...

this is the prettiest i've ever seen her look...and even then, well i guess by hollywood standards, she's plain at best

your honor, i rest my case.

asslee simpson is an idiot

okay so her new work is making her look pretty hot...

but what the fuck is she thinking lately!? she has a brand new (probably very expensive) nose so shes gonna box in her new video. WHAT?! not to mention she's been wearing sunglasses (see previous post) which you arent supposed to wear for 9-12 months after you get a nose job.

even if it is "stage fighting," accidents do happen and i know if i were to ever get a surgery like this i wouldnt be taking any risks!

is she just trying to mess up her nose? i mean if she wants to throw her money down the drain she can just write me a check. im sure i'd find much better ways to spend it lol

and just as a last thing...here she is looking totally retarded!

thanks to one of my favorite blogs, celebrity terrorist for these pictures!


perez hilton is trying to re-link lindsay lohan by saying she's been with jared leto at his concert and got some of his fake blood rubbed off on her

that is freaking real blood...definitely not this fake stuff jared has on

notice the different shades? jared's is an obvious face pinky purple red color whereas lindsays is a true slightly orangey blood red color.

it looks to me like she was doing coke and got one of the infamous nose bleeds that goes along with having too much.
i mean really. she was obviously sitting down and it dripped on her leg and she wiped it off her face with the back of her hand but was too coked out to notice it was all over her leg.

01 June 2006


yeah you! i know you're looking at my site...my counter is telling me. whats it gonna take to get you guys to leave some comments while you are here?

perez hilton...

what happened to the founder of perezhilton.com?

he used to look like this...

and now he looks like this..

how can he rag on celebs letting themselves go?

ashlee simpson

okay..i'll admit it, her songs can be catchy. maybe even addicting. but that "acid reflux" boy going through puberty voice is not. new nose? HOT. new lips? is someone channeling my grandmother? she looks like a little old lady...see the similarity?

so shoot me..this isnt my g-ma but hey she illustrates the point better


is there anything you guys would like me to do as a post? i'm taking reader's requests! just leave a comment!
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