angry about the new skinny jean trend? (i mean really...my MOTHER wore these in the early 90's...wtf?) or think that paris hilton and her wonky right eye need to disappear? does no one else in your life care about these celebrities? come vent here! join other people angry at all the celeb butt kissers.

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09 June 2006

i dont know what it is...

but something about charlotte church just completely fascinates me...

i think its probably the fact that shes not anorexic thin, but yet shes 800x sexier than any of them could ever be without evenn trying...

or maybe its her powerful voice, her pop music. her brashness about everything and her hard partying ways....

i dont know but she's one of my favorites...

she's just beautiful

she is so drugged out

that she doesnt even realize when its time to fire her makeup artist. her face looks dirty. eewwww

movie time!!!

i saw the breakup yesterday, and i liked it. *cringe*

josh took me out to dinner and drinks at CPK (mmm tostada pizza...trust me its amazing) then out to the movies. i really like vince vaughn, which is why im thinking i liked the movie. i've NEVER been a jennifer aniston fan. i dont know what it is, she just rubs me the wrong way. this movie, however, is HILARIOUS.

if you are having problems with your guy taking you for granted or just being stupid, this is the PERFECT movie to take him to. its a real eye opener in that sense, while still being cute and funny.

aww crap, i just wrote a positive review for a jennifer aniston movie...

on a high note...i'll be seeing cars soon!

these are old

these are like 3 days old i know but blogspot was having some major uploading issues so i figured i'd put them up anyways...

perez is reporting that janet is looking flawless in this picture

i think not. her wonky boob implant? (on the left...gross!) her fake nose...not flawless.

Justjared is reporting that ashton kutcher is still wearing skirts. “utilikilts” to be precise…why doesn’t anyone just call it what it is? CROSS DRESSING. Pink shirts? Little white flip flops? A skirt?


click to watch.

thanks tmz!

and everyone thought she was the only plastic...



thanks to socialitelife for pointing this out...

08 June 2006



legally introducing shiloh nouvel....

click to view larger

they are at it again...so i went out and bought my own copy and put them in...now its not copyright violation..now its my freedom of speech and freedom of information!!! :P

screw that!!!

i got 2 threatening emails from lawyers yesterday saying to take down the pictures of angie, brad, and the baby cuz it was copyright infringement. well guess what! today is the day hello magazine goes on sale so now it's all ok!!!

here you go guys...

first pictures of the new parents!!

these are the first official pictures of the new parents since shiloh was born. angie looks great!!!

06 June 2006

turns out i was wrong

brit and k-fag haven't been photographed together in over TWO months. not a month as previously stated. good news for divorcekevin.com though.


i dont even have to say anything to this one...it speaks for itself

leave your opinions
i would call these fake...

what do you guys think? did jessica get a boob job?


justjared has a higher resolution picture!!

as much as i love her i think angie looks almost...resentful of shiloh in this picture. could it be post partum depression already?

*image removed at owners request*

lets all say it together now...


*image removed at owners request*

mucho thanks to socialite life for scoring this picture first!

technical difficulties

hey guys...sorry about the lack of posts, i've been having difficulties with blogspot. expect more posts around noon!!

05 June 2006

ah...the joys of photoshop

this speaks for itself (thanks to pinkisthenewblog and bastardly for the pictures!

04 June 2006

no more k-fag?

oh please! oh please!

perez hilton is reporting k-fag at mtv awards partys sans britney. they haven't been seen together in at least a month. oh please let the official announcement come soon!!!

what happened to amanda bynes legs?

is she a klutz like me or what? check out the scratches on her legs (pictures courtesy of celebrity terrorist)

*edit* does anyone know why my photobucket is shrinking this picture as opposed to any of the others i've put up here?

fixed it!

click to view larger

its sunday

so it's a sunday and im tired so i'm just gonna run some links

  • jordan has almost completed her metamorphosis into barbie {female first}

  • its angies 31st birthday! justjared has a baby picture of her! {just jared}

  • oops! what happened to rihanna's hair at the mtv awards? {celebrity terrorist}

  • it's about time beyonce showed everyone how trashy she really is {celebrity terrorist}

  • i'll admit it. i'm SO jealous that perez hilton is in the green room of the mtv awards right now. SO JEALOUS. someday maybe i'll be there. i wish lol. {perez hilton}

  • remember zac hanson of mmmbop fame? well if you were a teeny bopper in jr high like i was, you just loved him! he's getting married! {e!online}

  • ewww gross {dlisted}
  • happy 31st angelina!

    you guys crack me up

    all the guys posting that i mean and such. hahah. did you not read the description of this page? its not just a "celeb site" its a site to rant on. something i do while i'm bored at work. duhhh.
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