angry about the new skinny jean trend? (i mean really...my MOTHER wore these in the early 90's...wtf?) or think that paris hilton and her wonky right eye need to disappear? does no one else in your life care about these celebrities? come vent here! join other people angry at all the celeb butt kissers.

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17 June 2006

i could only hope to one day achieve this level of wealth.

16 June 2006

a new photoshop low

now this is just getting ridiculous. you don't even have to be beautiful to be a star any more

jessica's nose job

13 June 2006


augh. those letters turned out to be legit. damn it. even perez and mk took them down.

much love to mk at dlisted for getting back to me.

anyways. the pictures may be off my site...but i've still got them.

you guys know how to contact me :)

got another one

just a heads up. i'll take down my pictures when the major blogs who stand to make money off of them take theirs down. until then. enjoy folks

why is this letter sent from one person with no subject but signed a different person?

Date: Tue, 13 Jun 2006 16:27:11 -0400
From: "Matthew Hintz" Add to Address BookAdd to Address Book Add Mobile Alert
To: celebvent@yahoo.com
CC: lachanda.webb@gettyimages.com, zabdi@cdas.com, nwolff@cdas.com

To Whom It May Concern:

I represent Getty Images who has authorized me to act on its behalf for
copyright infringement notification.

Infringement of four (4) Getty Images photographs of performers Gwen
and Gavin Rossdale with their child (the “Photograph”) has been
detected on the
Web site http://celebvent.blogspot.com. The infringing photograph
appears on
the Web site as follows:


This letter is an official notification under the provisions of Section
of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act to effect removal of the
infringement. I hereby request that you IMMEDIATELY issue a cancel
message, as
specified in RFC 1036, for the specified posting and prevent the
infringer, who
is identified by its Web address, from posting the infringing passwords
to your
servers in the future. Please be advised that by law, as a service
you must “expeditiously remove or disable access to” the infringing
upon receiving this notice. Noncompliance may result in a loss of the
possibility of immunity under the DMCA.

I have a good faith belief that use of the copyrighted materials
described above
on the allegedly infringing web pages is not authorized by the
copyright owner,
its agent, or the law. The information provided herein is accurate to
best of my knowledge. I hereby swear under penalty of perjury that I
authorized to act on behalf of Getty Images for matters pertaining to
notification of infringement of its exclusive rights in its copyrighted

You are hereby put on notice that the photograph must be removed from
http://celebvent.blogspot.com immediately. Please confirm by email or
that you have complied with your obligations under the Act by removing
photograph from http://celebvent.blogspot.com.

Very truly yours,

Nancy E. Wolff

Cowan, DeBaets, Abrahams & Sheppard, LLP
41 Madison Avenue
34th Floor
New York, New York 10010
Phone: 212-974-7474
Fax: 212-974-8474
Email: mhintz@cdas.com

Priviledged/Confidential Information may be contained in this message.
If you
are not the addressee indicated in this message (or responsible for
the message to such person), you may not copy or deliver this message
anyone. In such case, you should destroy this message and kindly notify
sender by reply email. Please advise immediately if you or your
employer does
not consent to Internet email for message of this kind. Opinions,
and other information in this message that do not relate to the
business of my firm shall be understood as neither given nor endorsed
by it.

i'm pretty sure this is fake.

so i got this letter from a lawyer today and i am pretty sure it is fake, as more major blogs (ie perezhilton and the like) havent removed their pictures...

Dear Sirs:

I represent Northern & Shell North America Limited, publisher of the United States edition of OK! magazine and Northern & Shell Plc, published of the UK edition of OK! magazine.

Your website celebevent.blogspot.com has posted photos of Gwen Stefani and her baby, exclusive rights to which were purchased by and are owned by my clients.

On behalf of my clients, I hereby demand that you immediately:

1. Cease and desist from any used of such phots, including immediately removing all such photos from your website;

2. Account to my clients for any revenues derived by you from your unauthorized appropriation of such photos and pay my clients the amount due pursuant to such accounting.

This letter is not and does not purport to be a complete statement of the legally relevant facts, and nothing contained herein or omitted herefrom is, or shall be deemed to be, with prejudice to my client's rights and remedies, all of which are expressly reserved.

Very truly yours,





Tel: (310) 271-6900 · DA@DennisArdi.com · Fax: (310) 271-6963

and smart ass me had to write this back:

hahahahahahah. yeah sure. let's point out a few things. ONE im not a sir or a "sirs". show some freakin respect. not everyone has to be a male to have their own blog. TWO. pay reprimands? how much would like of the $0.01 i've made today? or would you like a share of the $20,000 debt i'm in? THREE since when is posting pictures that have been PUBLISHED. once something is in print, it is fair game. freedom of information act honey. i'll take off the links to viewing it larger, but my pictures are way less than the 160x160 pixel wide thumbnail that google images are allowed to get away with.

all in all, i am not making any money of these pictures. how do you know i dont own the magazine? send me a(n) [valid] excerpt of this copyright law that you are quoting and i promise i will take down the pictures. there are many more MAJOR gossip blogs out there that have not removed the pictures of kingston and they are actually serving to make money off of it.

thank you for your time ma'am,


i think i'm gonna need a lawyer. any suggestions?

kingston is here...

and i gotta admit, this picture totally freaks me out

as always, click to view larger

augh. those letters turned out to be legit. damn it. even perez and mk took them down.

much love to mk at dlisted for getting back to me.

anyways. the pictures may be off my site...but i've still got them.

you guys know how to contact me :)

i totally forgot...

zac hanson got married this last weekend.

thanks to pinkisthenewblog for the pictures

where the hell is this baby?

where the heck is suri anyways? i didnt believe that she was faked cuz we all saw katies belly below her shirt hemline, but this is getting ridiculous. for a couple that was so open about their relationship and it's status, where the heck is the kid? staying on par with their publicity, we shoulda had pictures of suri like...10 min. after she was born...

umm yeah...

does anyone else think its weird that she's holding this huge bag in front of her?

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